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Introducing: UserTesting AI

Harness the power of AI to transform how your team collects, analyzes, and acts on user insights.
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Say hello to the future of experience research

UserTesting AI unlocks efficiencies at every stage of the research lifecycle, empowering teams with the reliable insights they need to align faster, design faster, and get to market with products their customers love.

Increase team efficiency

Let AI take care of repetitive tasks, speeding up the research process and letting your team focus on the exciting part — discovering deeper insights, socializing key findings, and influencing strategic decisions.

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Accelerate time to insights 

Instantly unlock key insights from your experience data with AI-powered features that automatically synthesize large volumes of video, text, and behavioral data to surface key themes, patterns, and insights.

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Amplify business impact

Increase the ROI and strategic value of insights by leveraging AI to make research more accessible, digestible, and trustworthy for every team across your organization—while ensuring the highest quality results. 


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Experience the power of UserTesting AI


Years of AI innovation

Since 2019, UserTesting has invested millions into AI R&D and shipped dozens of new features designed to help organizations get the insights they need to make confident decisions, at scale. 


End-to-end implementation

Accelerate every stage of your research process with purpose-built models designed to help you gather, analyze, and surface key insights faster than ever. 


Domain-specific datasets

Leverage the power of UserTesting's proprietary datasets and ML models trained to process video, audio, text, and behavioral data streams to instantly surface deep and actionable user insights. 

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Unlock better insights, faster

Get in touch with us to learn more about how to get started with UserTesting AI.