Platform: Human Insight Management

Build customer-centric experiences

With auto-generated analytics and collaboration tools, we make it easy for any organization to discover and embrace business-critical customer insights.
UserTesting Human Insight

Discover key insights and collaborate across the organization

Organizations that stay connected to their customers build stability and resilience in an unpredictable world, but it takes a village to create a customer-centric culture. The UserTesting platform arms organizations with machine learning-generated insights, data visualization, and collaboration tools so that they never lose sight of the customer.

Analytics and visualizations

Reduce time spent on manual analysis with auto-generated analytics and data visualization, accessible in the metrics dashboard. Quickly detect patterns, anomalies, and correlations or drill into relevant video clips to speed time to insights.

Analytics and visualizations

Intelligent insight

Our proprietary machine learning models are trained to identify key moments and insights within the customer journey.

  • Sentiment and intent analysis
  • Instant insight
  • Interactive path flows
  • Keyword mapping
  • Clickstream data
Intelligent Insights

Sharing and collaboration

Keep distributed teams in touch with customer experiences using insight summaries, tags, annotations, and highlight reels viewable within the platform. Teams can assign workspaces for different business units, organize results in folders, and manage workload and reviews with approval flows.

UserTesting Sharing and Collaboration Screenshot

Access to contextually rich customer insights with UserTesting

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